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Tabletop Firebox

Whether you work from a small office or out of your home, the Tabletop Firebox is ideal to keep your environment secure. Working remotely? The Firebox models are perfect for keeping your remote employees securely connected. This is the perfect stand-alone solution for small to mid-size businesses looking for an easy to deploy secure and essential appliance with full UTM protection for your organization’s users.

Rack Mount Firebox

This line of firewalls are engineered to provide solutions for small to midsize enterprises that are struggling with keeping their network secure. A range of models will keep be your line of defense against: spyware, malicious applications, data leaks and more. Top of the line protection to keep your growing organization secure today and against the cyber-attacks of tomorrow!

Access Points

Organizations of all sizes can benefit from our premier line of wireless solutions. Our solutions offer a suite of services to stay secure and protected, easy management for users and administrators, and support organizations of all sizes and types. Have a small office? Need a rugged product for the outdoors that will stand against whatever Mother Nature has to throw at you? We have you covered!

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  1. Dec 14

    Is your network protected against all 6 known security threat categories? See the Miercom Wi-Fi security test results to compare your Wi-Fi provider.

  2. Dec 14

    Want to learn more about securing financial services organizations? Download our Finance Resource Kit!

  3. Retweeted

    6.8% of the top 100,000 websites still accept old, insecure SSL versions - -

  4. Dec 13

    This week on we discuss a few of our 2019 security predictions that didn’t make the cut for our top 8 list.

  5. Dec 13

    Even rookie hackers can easily intercept traffic flowing over Wi-Fi and steal valuable business data. Avoid data breach fines by protecting your network.

  6. Dec 12

    WatchGuard's IntelligentAV leverages a machine-learning engine to better defend against continuously evolving zero day malware.

  7. Dec 12

    WatchGuard solutions are uniquely architected to protect financial services businesses around the world and return significant security ROI.

  8. Dec 11

    WatchGuard's latest Internet Security Report found that 6.8 percent of major websites still use an insecure SSL protocol.

  9. Retweeted
    Dec 11

    Small businesses can be even more vulnerable to cyberattacks than large businesses. found that two thirds of small businesses have no IT staff dedicated to cyber security, but account for over half of the breaches seen every year.

  10. Dec 11

    Did you know, not all Wi-Fi vendors detect and prevent attacks from all of the top Wi-Fi threat categories. See the full Miercom report here: .

  11. Dec 11

    Stolen or weak passwords can lead to a data breach. Stop hackers from gaining access to your network with multi-factor authentication.

  12. Retweeted
    Dec 11

    RT : Mac malware appears in the top 10 malware list for first time, and 6.8% of major websites still use an insecure SSL protocol, according to the firm’s latest internet report

  13. Dec 10

    Learn more about the booming malware-as-a-service industry and how to defend against it in our upcoming webinar.

  14. Retweeted
    Dec 10

    Could a string of attacks lead to a apocalypse? See ’s security predictions for 2019:

  15. Dec 10

    As biometric logins become more common, hackers will take advantage of their use as a single-factor method of authentication to pull off a major attack in 2019.

  16. Dec 10

    We’ve added as a standard feature on every Firebox network security appliance. All you have to do is turn it on!

  17. Dec 7

    Would you bet your business on the strength of every employee’s password?

  18. Dec 7

    WatchGuard now offers powerful SD-WAN capabilities right from the Firebox!

  19. Dec 7

    A Trusted Wireless Environment is a framework for building a complete Wi-Fi network that is fast, easy to manage, and most importantly, secure.

  20. Dec 6

    Why cloud-based Multi-Factor Authentication is a perfect fit for VARs and MSSPs.

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