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Tabletop Firebox

Whether you work from a small office or out of your home, the Tabletop Firebox is ideal to keep your environment secure. Working remotely? The Firebox models are perfect for keeping your remote employees securely connected. This is the perfect stand-alone solution for small to mid-size businesses looking for an easy to deploy secure and essential appliance with full UTM protection for your organization’s users.

Rack Mount Firebox

This line of firewalls are engineered to provide solutions for small to midsize enterprises that are struggling with keeping their network secure. A range of models will keep be your line of defense against: spyware, malicious applications, data leaks and more. Top of the line protection to keep your growing organization secure today and against the cyber-attacks of tomorrow!

Access Points

Organizations of all sizes can benefit from our premier line of wireless solutions. Our solutions offer a suite of services to stay secure and protected, easy management for users and administrators, and support organizations of all sizes and types. Have a small office? Need a rugged product for the outdoors that will stand against whatever Mother Nature has to throw at you? We have you covered!

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  1. Apr 3

    We are excited to share that WatchGuard has once again earned a prestigious 5-Star rating in ’s annual Partner Program Guide!

  2. Apr 3

    What makes WatchGuard’s Automation Core different? It defines an intelligent, autonomous , that extends capabilities to wherever your business operates.

  3. Apr 3

    On this episode of , the team covers an emergency , a massive takedown, and the latest in phishing attacks.

  4. Apr 2

    New Security Report Shows Explosion in Evasive in Q4 2019

  5. Apr 2

    What if you could cut the time your Team spent managing your by as much as 80%? Don’t hesitate. Automate.

  6. Apr 1

    WatchGuard is the highest-rated and reviewed product for organizations. See what your peers are saying about WatchGuard on .

  7. Apr 1

    SQL injection attacks rose an enormous 8000% in total between 2018 and 2019, becoming the most common attack of the year by a significant margin. Learn more in our Internet Security Report.

  8. Apr 1

    Support your remote workforce and protect your company no matter where your employees work with multi-factor . Start your free 60-day AuthPoint trial here.

  9. Mar 31

    Need help finding the right balance of and productivity for your policies? Join this webinar to hear best practices to keep your users and safe.

  10. Mar 31

    “WatchGuard is part of our offering for our customers and this has been a tremendous help in growing our business.” Jessica Symondson, Marketing Director of

  11. Mar 31

    What are the latest attack trends, and how can you stay ahead of the trying to gain access to your network? Check out our on-demand Internet Security Report to learn more.

  12. Mar 30

    According to our latest , evasive made up 68% of total malware in Q4 2019, a dramatic increase from the year-long average of 35% for 2019.

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  14. Mar 27

    The WatchGuard Automation Core accelerates processes, kills more , and empowers your team to do more with less.

  15. Mar 27

    A recent out-of-band resolves a in how Windows 10 and Server 2019 handle decompression in the file-sharing protocol SMBv3.

  16. Mar 26

    3 smart initiatives to optimize your and funnels.

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  18. Mar 26

    How to protect your UniFi access points from hackers.

  19. Mar 25

    Like any network technology, requires strong . Here's a look at 5 ways to keep the serving your branch locations safe from .

  20. Mar 25

    As a you have enough to worry about these days. We’ll help you make sure isn’t on that list. Protect your and valuable company with multi-factor authentication from WatchGuard.

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