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Tabletop Firebox

Whether you work from a small office or out of your home, the Tabletop Firebox is ideal to keep your environment secure. Working remotely? The Firebox models are perfect for keeping your remote employees securely connected. This is the perfect stand-alone solution for small to mid-size businesses looking for an easy to deploy secure and essential appliance with full UTM protection for your organization’s users.

Rack Mount Firebox

This line of firewalls are engineered to provide solutions for small to midsize enterprises that are struggling with keeping their network secure. A range of models will keep be your line of defense against: spyware, malicious applications, data leaks and more. Top of the line protection to keep your growing organization secure today and against the cyber-attacks of tomorrow!

Access Points

Organizations of all sizes can benefit from our premier line of wireless solutions. Our solutions offer a suite of services to stay secure and protected, easy management for users and administrators, and support organizations of all sizes and types. Have a small office? Need a rugged product for the outdoors that will stand against whatever Mother Nature has to throw at you? We have you covered!

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    The countdown to is on. Is your business ready? We are sharing lessons learned from our own implementation and providing tips to help you become GDPR compliant.

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    Biometric tokens may be replacing passwords, but they are far from a perfect security solution.

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    AMD finally addresses 13 newly disclosed vulnerabilities and says an update is coming soon.

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    Wi-Fi security is essential for everyone, especially small businesses.

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    On the latest Daily Security Byte, pays tribute to Adrian Lamo.

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    As the internet continues moving towards HTTPS encryption, we continue to see issues with implementation that could lead to a false sense of security.

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    Hackers have already topped the record-breaking 1.3Tbps DDoS attack against Github with another Memcrashed UDP amplification attack against an undisclosed company.

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    Researchers at Kaspersky have found a new sophisticated malware sample that has infected victims and evaded detection since 2012.

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    Do you think about Wi-Fi security when you travel? You should. Read these security tips.

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    Can we trust the security research lab that claims to have found13 AMD Chip Vulnerabilities?

  16. Retweeted
    Mar 15

    Meet kick-off speaker Corey Nachreiner, CTO of - aka the security evangelist! Find out what he's got in store for us:

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    . has named WatchGuard as one of its 20 Coolest Network Security Vendors for the third year in a row.

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    Is Ransombear scratching at your door? Fight back with this Survival Kit.

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    If you're a company that provides guest Wi-Fi access, you may be at risk of getting burned by failing to provide a truly secure Wi-Fi environment.

  20. Mar 15

    "The Firebox comes packed with security protections usually found only in high-end appliances used in large companies." Read our FireboxT15- W review in .

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